10 Addictive Food-Themed Facebook Games (Slideshow)

Be aware of food games that will totally suck you in

Farm Heroes Saga

In a game of wits (or really, just matching skills) you have to arrange fruit in order to stop Rancid the Raccoon from spoiling Happy World Farms in Farm Heroes Saga. With more than 100 tasty levels of switching and matching, you’ll find yourself clicking for hours getting lost in cute farm animal cartoons


For those who love to live vicariously, Caféland poses a unique opportunity. In this game, you’ll lose hours to building a "profitable" café that you run and design. Before you know it, you’re caught up in diner character drama and clicking away for that perfect café accessory. 

Juice Cubes

Connect the Juice Cubes in more than 165 levels set in a tropical paradise complete with pirates, mermaids, witches, and of course, fruity gems. This puzzle game is loaded with puzzles and matches to keep you occupied for hours.

Diner Life

Wish you could be a cool hipster with your own diner to run? This addictive game, Diner Life, has you creating, growing, and managing your very own local hot spot.

Jelly Glutton

In another matching puzzle game, we follow Jelly the little Glutton as he works his way around the world of food by matching three pieces or more to make them  disappear. You will undoubtedly be clicking for hours as you navigate around the 10 worlds of food-themed levels like candies and ice creams.

Papa Pear Saga

What do you get when you take an energetic pear and try to get him to land in a bucket while bouncing around a world of fruity pegs, acorns, and chiles? You get the addictive Papa Pear Saga and hours of meticulous fun. 

Kitchen Scramble

This Facebook game is after our own hearts! In Kitchen Scramble you are a new chef with tons of opportunity, a food truck, and a dream. You’ll be challenged to create interesting dishes and meet the regular townsfolk, which you will inevitably do for hours as you click away on the computer. 

Fruit Ninja Frenzy

Slice and dice (and lose hours of your life) to this addictive game. Fruit Ninja, originally an iPhone game, will give you countless hours to practice your ninja skills while satisfactorily slicing fruit into oblivion. 

FarmVille 2

Live the rural life without ever leaving the city! This addictive Facebook game has been around for quite some time, and takes you on a time-sucking 3-D adventure of an innumerable amount of clicks to help you grow and harvest crops!

Candy Crush Saga

You absolutely cannot log onto Facebook without getting at least one Candy Crush invite. The explosion of sweets has more than 54 million fans on Facebook. A traditional puzzle game with a sweet twist will leave you entranced by your computer screen for hours on end!