Crushing It, Candy Style

The sweet social game is coming to real life

We love it when fantasy becomes reality- especially when it is delicious!

If you’re one of the millions of people who play Candy Crush each day, you’ll be delighted to know that King, the creative geniuses behind the addictive game, has just released official "Candy Crush Candies."

The sugary treats, appropriately launched to the world at famed New York City sweetshop Dylan’s Candy Bar, will be available for sale at Dylan’s stores in New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles starting Nov. 4, as well as from other major retailers over the coming weeks.

"I’m just starting to get into the game but my colleagues are all huge fans. I love the kitschy graphics and unique packaging and you’re really eating the candies as featured in the game," said Dylan Lauren, CEO and founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar. "This is launching in perfect time for the upcoming holidays."

"We’re really excited to launch Candy Crush candies and offer another way for fans of the game to be able to get a taste of the fun," said Tommy Palm, King's game guru and co-creator of Candy Crush. "We’ve been so delighted to see how much people love to play the game and crush those candies. Our games give players moments of bite-sized brilliance, and we hope these candies will, too."


The candies are directly inspired by the game and are offered in four different flavors — Jelly Fish, Mixed Fruit Gummies, Sour Fruit Gummies, and Color Bombs. They cost $4 a box and are packed conveniently in colorful theater-sized boxes so you can snack and play at the same time.