Watch: World Renowned Swordsman is a Real Life Fruit Ninja

In celebration of a more fruit-filled formula, Toaster Strudel hired an expert swordsman to be a real life Fruit Ninja for a day
World Renowned Swordsman is a Real Life Fruit Ninja

It's okay, we can't do this either.

To celebrate the launch of its new, more fruit-filled recipe, Toaster Strudel partnered with the team behind Fruit Ninja to bring the game to real life.

In this video, expert swordsman and Guinness World Record holder Isao Machii brings Fruit Ninja to life by actually slicing a series of fruits in midair in front of a crowd in Los Angeles.

If you’re not yet familiar with Machii, he’s the swordsman who runs his own samurai school and once sliced a BB gun pellet in half… as it was coming at him from a BB gun. The stunt was so unbelievable that the filmmakers at Oddity Central hired a professor of psychology to help them understand what happened. 

Anyway, check out this incredible video of Machii slicing fruit (and two Toaster Strudels) as it gets thrown in his direction from the crowd. And don’t feel bad if you know you’ll never be anywhere near as dexterous as this master swordsman; he’s been practicing since the age of five.

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