pasta sauce mess

After Spaghetti Sauce Mess Goes Viral, Twitter Shares Similar Tales of Woe

‘I considered just... walking away. From my house, my family, my life. From the oregano-scented horror I'd unleashed’
pasta sauce mess

A Twitter user shared her tale of a kitchen disaster when she dropped a jar of spaghetti sauce, and Twitter empathized with her.

Nothing is more annoying than a spill, especially when it’s an entire jar of something. Twitter user Rachel Hawkins shared her tale of love, loss, and spaghetti sauce on Twitter after an entire jar shattered on her floor and created an enormous mess. Her tragic story inspired many other followers to follow suit and tell their biggest kitchen chaos story.

“I just dropped a full huge jar of spaghetti sauce on the kitchen floor, and it SHATTERED when it hit the tile, and the mess was so big that for a second, I considered just...walking away. From my house, my family, my life. From the oregano-scented horror I'd unleashed,” Hawkins tweeted. Her story was so absolutely relatable — who hasn’t wanted to run away from a huge mess of their own creation? — that other Twitter users quickly reached out to Hawkins, whose tweet garnered almost 78,000 likes and almost 11,000 retweets, to empathize with the dreaded situation.

“My similar tale of trauma,” responded Twitter user Maggie Tennis, attaching a truly horrific photo of a bottle of pasta sauce trapped between a wall and a radiator, with red sauce all over the floor.

“I was in a hippie grocery store once and knocked over a 64-ounce jar of beet juice from a top shelf. The whole place had to be evacuated,” commiserated someone called Greta.

Besides tales of red sauce, there was even a tale of a massive oil spill that left the floor still feeling not quite the same from how it once was. “Oooo, that happened. I was out of town and had a housesitter who knocked the olive oil off the counter. That was in October. I'm still finding glass, and part of the kitchen floor still feels funny,” be careful @Owlice!

Luckily, others reached out with cleaning advice. One clever Twitter user recommended kitty litter to sop it all up. “Kitty litter works amazing. I used it to clean a bottle that broke at work. Use it for any oily spill,” the advised.

Don’t feel as though you’ve done a good deep clean in a while? Is there still spaghetti sauce on your ceiling? These are 15 items in your home you never clean but really should.

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