There's Never a Bad Time to Indulge in S'mores

Here are the best places in New York City to find yourself a gooey, chocolaty treat

Head to Dominique Ansel Bakery where you can bite in to an innovative frozen s'more.

Truth be told, we have never met a s’more we didn’t like. This nostalgic childhood treat makes for the perfect dessert no matter what the weather — especially if you're in New York City. Frozen, bubbling, or piled in a crust, restaurants all over town are bringing on the marshmallow with glamped up versions of this campfire treat.

Butter & Scotch
Yeah, yeah, we know. S’mores should have a stick. But you’ll need a fork for this version. Get your s’mores by the slice or by the pie at Brooklyn’s Butter & Scotch. This dessert features a graham cracker crust, but it’s what’s on top of that crust that makes this a can’t miss dessert. Silky and smooth milk chocolate ganache custard is piled high on top of the crust and topped with lightly torched and perfectly melted marshmallow fluff.

Dominique Ansel Bakery
It was going to be hard to follow up the Cronut craze he created, but Dominique Ansel did it. Elevating another classic dessert to cult levels, he turned a s’more into something cold and melted at the same time. For what he calls the Frozen S’more, Ansel takes vanilla custard ice cream and encases it in a chocolate wafer. He covers the love-wrapped ice cream with a freshly made marshmallow and pierces it with a hand-selected branch that has been roasted over Applewood chips. Then, he gently torches it for a hot and cold, sweet and smoky dessert that would make your Girl Scout troop leader rethink her cookie obsession.

Dominique Ansel Kitchen
If you can make your way to the West Village’s Dominique Ansel Kitchen, indulge in the Ultimate S’more. A sandwich made of  two speculoos cookies, shards of milk chocolate with Maldon sea salt, a chocolate ganache with Cabin Fever maple whiskey, and one big ole honey marshmallow, torched to perfection. You will want to squeeze it all together and take a huge bite immediately — we won’t stop you. You can preorder online.

At Delicatessen, executive chef Michael Ferraro has created a cake version of a s’more. The chocolate s’mores cake is served with soft chocolate ganache, graham cracker, and house made vanilla marshmallow served with a side of salted caramel ice cream and fresh berries.

Max Brenner
The NYC version of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, Max Brenner serves up an Urban S’mores for Two. A small kit is delivered to the table along with a sticks, a bowl of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate squares. Other options here include mason jars filled with fluff and chocolate mousse and the s’mores crepe.

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