Panera Is Testing Out New Double Bread Bowls in Philadelphia

Twice as good as a bread bowl for one

Panera plans to test out a new double bread bowl in Philadelphia that can be filled with either soup or macaroni and cheese.

It may still be peak summer, but we’re already dreaming of enjoying a bread bowl full of soup on a cool early autumn night. A bread bowl is easily the coziest meal you can have. You get to enjoy hot soup inside of a bowl made out of delicious fluffy bread! It’s the food equivalent of a fuzzy sweater, and according to Panera, it’s one of their most popular items. That’s why Panera is testing out new double bread bowls filled with either soup or mac and cheese.

From August 5 to August 31 (practically fall!) Panera will be testing out the double bread bowl — one loaf, two cutouts — in Philadelphia restaurants. The double bread bowl is potentially shareable — or potentially a way to just eat all the bread, mac and cheese, and soup that you can. Should the brand see success with the test product in Philadelphia, double bread bowls may launch nationwide. That means by the time it’s cold enough to wear a scarf, you might be able to scarf down a cozy bread bowl with a friend or family member or, you know, alone.

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