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The Most Popular Menu Items at America’s Top Chain Restaurants

Here’s what customers love eating the most

You might think you can guess America’s food preferences easily. Burgers, for instance, must be a staple. And at a pizza place? Cheese must be the go-to order. But at America’s top chain restaurants, where Americans order a large portion (literally) of their food, the most popular menu picks can be unexpected.

The Most Popular Menu Items at America’s Top Chain Restaurants Gallery

There are many different reasons why these menu items outshine the rest. Depending on the chain, people are drawn to order a certain menu item for any number of reasons. Some chains have one item they’re known for across the globe. When you think of Burger King, for example, you instantly think of the Whopper. Other chains are named for an item. Take Dunkin’ Donuts, for instance. Of course their most popular item is the famous fried dough.

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This list doesn’t include all of America’s top chain restaurants. Regional chains were left out and a few national chains were not included. But it does have many of the country’s biggest chains. The Daily Meal reached out by phone and email to the chains included and asked: What is your most popular menu item with customers? These were their responses.