25 Best Things About Fall

That signature fall smell and 24 more reasons fall is the best season

If you have to ask me, my absolute favorite season has to be fall. You may call me a bit basic for that, but frankly I do not care. I’ll be over here happily sipping on my pumpkin spice latte and eating a caramel apple.

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Think about it: Fall is great! The weather finally cools down, which means you can walk out of your house without immediately breaking into a heavy sweat. Two of the year’s absolute best holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving take place in the autumn months. And can we just talk about all of the wonderful comfort foods that come with the fall weather? Of course, you get pumpkin and squash, but once again it’s finally acceptable to break out your slow cooker and make stews and soups again.

Yeah. Basically, fall is heaven.

And while there are some things about fall that are less than awesome (no season is without its flaws, after all), overall, this is the best season. And we have all of the reasons why. Don’t believe us? Click here to find out what are the 25 best things about fall.