McDonald's New HQ Just Added to Its International Menu

Chicago really has sights! The Sears Tower, The Bean, and the best McDonald’s ever

McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago has added a bunch of new international menu items to its menu, including this chicken McMuffin with egg.

McDonald’s new flagship store in Chicago has been serving international items such as poutine from Canada, a McSpicy Chicken Sandwich from Hong Kong, and a McFlurry Prestígio from Brazil. Now, this McDonald’s is expanding its international menu again with menu items from India, Australia, France, Canada, and Germany.

The Unhealthiest McDonald’s Menu items

This super cool 6,000-square-foot Chicago McDonald’s — the latest stage in the brand’s “McDonald’s Experience of the Future” plans — is now serving a chicken McMuffin with egg, which features on menus in some Asian markets. It's perfect for those of us who can’t stomach red meat early in the morning.

McAloo Tikki


McDonald's McAloo Tikki

They’re also selling a sandwich from India called the McAloo Tikki which is totally vegetarian and reminiscent of a samosa.



McDonald's Deluxe Potatoes

From Canadian menus, this McDonald’s will sell tomato mozzarella chicken sandwiches, Greek salad, and Caesar salad, as well as “deluxe potatoes” from French McDonald’s menus — which are really just seasoned potato wedges.



Chocolatey Wafer McFlurry


For dessert, this location will sell the Chocolately Wafer McFlurry from McDonald’s menus in Germany. Of course, this McDonald’s is still selling its American menu too, if you’re looking for a Big Mac, McNuggets, or just fries. These international menu items are making us wish we could try these other fast food restaurants we wish were in the U.S.