Kroger Is Selling Unicorn Bread

This trend will never go away!

The supermarket chain is selling a rainbow sprinkle-covered “Unicorn Bread” from Arizona-based Bakehouse Bread Company.

The unicorn trend is still going strong in 2018. This year we’ve seen unicorn ice cream, a unicorn cake, unicorn grits, and now: unicorn bread. Supermarket chain Kroger is selling Arizona-based Bakehouse Bread Company’s “Unicorn Bread,” and it is just as glitzy and rainbow-y as the mythical creature it’s named for.

Sugar-y, cake-y “Unicorn Bread” is a vanilla-flavored bread topped with vanilla frosting and sprinkled with a healthy dose of rainbow sprinkles that the packaging refers to as “unicorn sparkle.” It’s also as elusive as a unicorn. According to their Facebook page, Bakehouse Bread Company’s bread will only be available in Kroger stores for the month of April, so if you’re all about the unicorn trend you’d better get your hands on a loaf quick!

The colorful bread has already been spotted in stores and is currently being lusted over by food Instagram accounts such as @theimpulsebuy. “So, um, unicorn bread is a thing,” they captioned the up-close pic of the the “unicorn sparkle.”

Whether you’re trying to buy unicorn bread or a nice sourdough, these are 20 things you need to know before you buy your next loaf of bread.