Unicorn Grits Are a Thing Now

Make your breakfast magical

When we published the news on Target’s unicorn ice cream, we should have known that this was not a last-gasp for the unicorn tend. The colorful, sparkly, and magical fad is still alive and well, even in South Carolina, where unicorn grits are now a thing.

The Southern staple, great with cheese, sugar, or shrimp, has received a colorful makeover courtesy of Greg Johnsman of Geechie Boy Mill, who is serving pink unicorn grits at his newly-opened Charleston brunch spot, Millers All Day.

Garden & Gun reports that Johnsman discovered the pink kernels that make such rosy-hued grits from an Appalachian farmer who selectively breeds red corn.

“When you mill most red corns, the red is only in the bran layer,” Johnsman told Garden & Gun. “When I first milled this corn, I literally shouted, ‘Oh crap! It’s pink!’”

Millers All Day now has menu items made with the pink stuff, such as the unicorn grits-based collards-and-brisket grit bowl, their lemon icebox pie with pink cornmeal crust, and savory-sweet pink cornmeal cookies. Bags of unicorn grits are also available to purchase in-store.

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