For Homemade Pie Cravings Without The Work, Head To San Francisco’s Mission Pie

This inviting and caring neighborhood bakery turns out heavenly pies like none other

For friendly faces, an adorable atmosphere, savory food, and a huge selection of quality pies, this Mission District gem is the place to go.

You’d be hard pressed to find an establishment that stays truer to its core values than Mission Pie, the pie heaven located in the sunny Mission District of San Francisco. Since 2007, this charming spot has been baking up a glorious selection of pies, muffins, galettes, quiches, 7-grain cereals, pot pies, and soup and salads, for those trying to eat a bit healthier. They also offer coffees and teas to accompany your baked goods. In addition, they sell local artisanal products like jam and honey to take home.

Each freshly baked pie consists of a flakey and handmade pastry and ripe, naturally sweet fruits, all chosen based off of what’s in season.  The crust — which is more akin to a croissant, than a traditional crust — is made of pure butter, 1/3 white and 2/3 wheat pastry flour, and rolled by hand. Flavors include apple raspberry, shaker lemon, rhubarb chess, pear blueberry, and banana cream, and these are just a few flavors currently in season. These slices are insanely delicious with a dollop of ice cream or whipped cream (or if you’re me, with both).

Mission Pie’s goodies are made with the best ingredients out there and are locally sourced from farms and produce distributors in the area. It’s a green-certified bakery and it even has an adorable communal sidewalk garden its staff and the surrounding neighbors tend to. Another thing that’s awesome about this welcoming eatery is that the decoration featured is actually created by community artists.

With its cozy and inviting atmosphere, vibrant flower vases, ornate yellow wallpaper, an incredible just- baked pie aroma, and genuinely friendly staff, this is dessert spot is one of my favorites in San Francisco.


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