Get Food High on New York City's Maroni Hot Pots

Never cook again: these fully cooked, homemade quality Italian meals will come to you

The newest delivery/ takeout concept: red hot pots filled with quality, ready-to-eat, home-made, Italian meals to-go.

With tag lines like: “our pot is legal” and “serving the hottest pot in town,” how could this eatery not pique your interest? While today is the the infamous day of weed (4/20, for those that don't know), Maroni Hot Pots have nothing to do with, well, marijuana.

Maroni Hot Pots, which is a city spin-off Michael and Maria Maroni’s successful Maroni’s Cuisine in Northport, Long Island, has graced New York City with yet another excuse to not go grocery shopping — or actually cook for that matter. With home-style, fully cooked Italian cuisine delivered straight to your door in convenient, big, apple-red hot pots, there's no need to make a mess in the kitchen.

Learn how to cook the best home-made meatballs.

Using “Grandma Maroni’s 100-year-old recipes,” Maroni Hot Pots are filled with savory dishes such as linguine and clams, pasta a la vodka, cacio e pepe, rigatoni cognac pomodoro, and ricotta ravioli. Additional meat options are also offered such as chicken Parmesan. However, the most popular option, are Maroni's famous meatballs. These balls of glory beat that of Bobby Flay's on Food Network’s Throwdown with Bobby Flay meatball challenge episode. So, yeah. They're good.

If you'd rather dine in, Maroni Hot Pots has recently opened a second location on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. With a 14-person dining area, the menu offered is a tailored version of Maroni's take out menu. This menu includes appetizers such as lobster bisque, baked clams oreganatta, and Kobe beef burgers. Hearty entrées include chicken Milanese, crispy duck, and veal Parmesan, in addition to the various pastas and meatballs offered in its deliver hot pots.

Lastly, these pots are eco-friendly and reuseable. Those that return the pot, get a credit on the next order. Good for your wallet and good for the planet.

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