Dining At Your Desk: 16 Dos And Don'ts

How many times per week do you eat lunch at your desk at work? Once? Twice? Every day? Whether you're a daily desk-diner or only do it once in a blue moon, there are some important tips to keep in mind.

Dining at Your Desk: 16 Dos and Don'ts (Slideshow)

In today's fast-paced work environment, taking a full hour away from your desk to go outside, walk around the block, and sit down for lunch is about as far-fetched as having a copy machine that never breaks. We're expected to be on-call all the time, glued to our phones, ready to spring to action at a moment's notice. Dining at your desk isn't ideal by any means, but unfortunately for many of us it's a necessity.

When it comes time to eat lunch at our desks, most of us don't give it second thought: We'll grab our lunch, eat it while answering emails or catching up on phone calls, toss the garbage in the trash, and continue about our business. But eating that sad desk lunch is something we should actually be pretty mindful about, at the very least because when we're distracted we tend to overeat, and nothing is more distracting than an inbox full of new emails.

The next time you find yourself peeling off the plastic on that Lean Cuisine for another lunch at the office, keep the following 16 dos and don'ts in mind. Not only will they help you get out of the habit, they just might help make your office a better place.