Watch the First Computer Pizza Order

Back in 1974, a man with a speech disorder used a computer to help him order a pizza. It worked

Ordering pizza nowadays might be as easy as a couple of swipes on your smartphone, but back in 1974 we actually had to call our local Domino's and Pizza Hut to get a pie delivered.

Of course, this was particularly difficult for people with speech disorders, so the first computer-ordered pizza was in the form of a talking computer.

The Artificial Language Laboratory at Michigan State University released this success story of Donald Sherman, a man with Moebius Syndrome who had never ordered a pizza over the phone before. Sherman, who utilized a voice system incorporating a Votrax voice synthesizer, successfully ordered a large, 16-inch pizza from Domino's with pepperoni, mushrooms, ham, and sausage. The first couple of calls were deemed prank calls, but Domino's finally got them their pizza at the MSU Computer Center, Room 405. Sweet.

Watch the full video below of the first pizza being ordered by a computer, if only to note how far technology and typing has come.