What Office Lunches Look Like Around The World

For most office workers around the world, lunch is a meal eaten away from home. Although schedules and shifts can vary, people tend to eat breakfast before heading off to their jobs and dinner once they return. But lunch is an office thing.

What Office Lunches Look Like Around the World Gallery

During the work week, people typically either eat at their desks or at eateries near the office. The type of meal, however, varies from country to country (sometimes even from city to city). The most notable differences from place to place are the content of each dish, the amount of food eaten, and the length of the typical lunch break.

Some employees opt for grabbing a bite at a local restaurant, others get takeout for timing reasons, and many prefer the convenience and cost-efficiency associated with bringing a pre-made lunch. Some folks eat smaller meals on shorter breaks, while others opt for larger meals and longer breaks.

Many lunches consist of a single food item or a main dish with a side. But others have a well-balanced trio or quartet of different foods in one meal. Meat is generally included (but not always). A starch might be involved as part of the main dish (like in a sandwich or pasta dish) or as side, such as rice. The assorted fruits and vegetables depend on the region, too.

Something as simple and commonplace as lunch can be drastically different depending on where you are. Although every individual has his or her own preference, here's a look at average office lunches in various countries around the world.

Matt Sulem and Bianca Bahamondes contributed to this roundup.