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Deadmau5 Shared His $15,000 Szechuan Sauce With Concertgoers

The DJ ordered 1,000 chicken nuggets to go with the sauce

Back in August, McDonald’s gave away limited-edition half-gallon jugs of Szechuan Sauce — a long-discontinued promotional sauce for Disney’s Mulan that was brought back from the dead in an episode of Ricky and Morty. One of the bottles went to electronic musician Deadmau5, who purchased the 64-ounce jug of sauce for $15,000 from podcast host Robert Workman. Now, the DJ is sharing his batch with concertgoers who couldn’t be a part of McDonald’s most recent limited-quantity release.

On October 9, Deadmau5 performed at Rebel Nightclub in Toronto, where he ordered 1,000 chicken nuggets for ticketholders of the event. For dipping, he gave away his own supply of Szechuan Sauce.

“F--- yeah! Unloaded 1.8 litres of Szechuan sauce with my friends at the toronto show at rebel,” he wrote in a tweet, followed by a smiley face.

“Szechuan sauce and nuggets was honestly better than any surprise guest you could have brought. Thanks again @deadmau5 that was lit af,” @_Sadatalam said.

“u literally distributed sauce to an entire crowd of people better than a billion dollar corporation to all of america. You’re the f-----‘ man,” @Mykuull tweeted.

McDonald’s released a limited batch of Szechuan Sauce packets in the United States for one day only on October 7. That plan went awry after multiple restaurants broke out in near-riots due to an extreme lack of supply. Many Rick and Morty fans called for a boycott of the Golden Arches and flooded to social media to express their grief. Following that catastrophic failure, McDonald’s announced that they’ll be bringing more Szechuan Sauce back to the States over winter for a longer period of time.

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