The Daily Dish: October 28, 2015

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The Daily Dish 10.28.15

Whole foods has a listeria recall, American's favorite Halloween candies by state, and dogs can eat at restaurants with their owners.

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Whole Foods Has Recalled More Than 500 Pounds of Food This Month for Listeria Contamination

Whole Foods is not having a great month. For the second time in almost as many weeks, it’s recalling products due to listeria contamination. First, Papillion Organic Roquefort was pulled, and now 250 pounds of pre-packaged curry chicken salad and classic deli pasta salad, sold in East Coast stores between October 22 and 23, is being recalled. There have been no reported illnesses but consumers who purchased these products should toss or return them.

The United States of Sweets: Favorite Halloween Candies From Every State Revealed

Now that we know Reese’s peanut butter cups are America’s favorite Halloween candy, how do preferences differ more locally? A new poll ranked Halloween candy by state preference, and there were definitely surprises. It may be no shock that Snickers are a preferred snack (they do really satisfy you after all), but for some reason, Sweet Tarts reigned supreme in New York, and Californians prefer Lifesavers.

Gov. Cuomo: Dogs Are Welcome at New York Restaurants' Outdoor Tables

In what is perhaps one of the least controversial pieces of food industry legislation ever, New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill allowing dogs to dine with their owners in restaurants’ outdoor seating areas. As of this past Monday, leashed dogs can join their owners outside of participating restaurants. Restaurants can decide to accept canines and will also need to supply an alternate entrance for dogs and owners so the animals will not need to go through the restaurants.


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