Costco Super Shoppers Spill Their Secrets

Costco Super Shoppers Spill Their Secrets

What you’ve always wanted to know

If you are one of the more than 90 million Costco members, you already know the benefits of shopping at the world’s most popular warehouse club. You likely already love Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand products and the free samples that bookend the store aisles. You’re probably a fan of the bulk items and the “buck fifty” hot dogs. But were you aware you can buy cars, vacations and even caskets at Costco?

Costco Super Shoppers Spill Their Secrets Gallery

You can and you should, according to Costco super shoppers who have spilled their top secrets on coupon sites, in forums such as Reddit, and in direct conversations with The Daily Meal.

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Starting with the company’s world-famous rotisserie chicken, we share 25 top secret shopping tips from Costco super shoppers.