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Chef Dominque Ansel and Celebrity Trainer Gunnar Peterson Partner to Improve Business Travel

Hyatt Regency teamed up with celebrity innovators for the "It’s Good Not to Be Home" campaign

Travel can quickly become a stressful endeavor, especially when it’s for business as opposed to pleasure. But what if you could actually have your experience tailored to what makes you comfortable and happy while on the road? Hyatt Regency has teamed up with a select group of celebrity innovators to figure out ways to make travel as hassle-free as possible with its new "It’s Good Not to Be Home" campaign.

After crowdsourcing ideas from business travelers, one suggestion hit the nail on the head: more in-room fitness options and healthy snack options. James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel is renowned for his bakery innovations (remember the cronut or kouign amann?), but how would he tackle healthy snacks?

In collaboration with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, they set out to solve this issue. The creation? Three grueling in-room workouts and three meals designed to pair with each workout. Think: cardio with carbs. 

“Traveling and discovering new cultures is a great source of inspiration for me,” Ansel explained during the unveiling event. “I love collaborating with creative people, not limiting myself to solely working with people in my industry. Exploring the interactions with professionals in different fields — those who think differently than how I would — yields great things.”

In pairing a world-class chef with a world-class trainer, this in-room food and fitness routine will be used for inspiration for future Hyatt Regency experiences and amenities.

“Hyatt took action instead of just taking suggestions,” Peterson said. “Hyatt went for the top talent in prospective fields to innovate and come up with new ideas on how to make better travel experiences.”

Below is one of the pairings from the powerhouse duo.

Strength Intensive:  

  • Warm-up: 10 minutes of your choice of movement drills (march in place, body weight squats, etc.)
  • Repeat each move in this order 4x
  • Jump rope x 50 jumps
  • Bodyweight squats x 25
  • Reverse crunches x 25
  • Push-ups x 20 (Break it down until you get 20 every time through!)
  • Bed dips x10–20
  • Burpee with jump x 5
  • Dumbbell bent over rows x 10–12
  • Dumbbell curls x 12–20
  • Dumbbell raises x 15–20


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Food Pairing:

  • Chicken sausage shakshuka
  • Apple chicken sausage with tomato sauce with onions, red peppers, and cumin and poached eggs; side pita with zatar