Burger King's New Ads Feature Real Car Wrecks

We just can’t look away

Burger King's latest advertisments show the dangers of driving while craving a Whopper, using photos of real car crashes at Burger King restaurants.

It's dangerous out there on the roads for a variety of reasons, but Burger King doesn't want hunger to be one of them. If you prefer to enjoy a Whopper from the safety of your couch, BK's new ads suggest it might be easiest to take advantage of their partnership with DoorDash.

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The ads feature photos of real car accidents from Burger King restaurants in Massachusetts, Alabama and Illinois and depict cars crashing through columns, walls, and windows. The brand seems to be using the ads to imply that the drivers were simply so hungry and had such a craving for a Whopper — or maybe some of the chains coveted cheesy tots — that they crashed their cars into BK storefronts. (If they'd kept their cool, they might have aimed for the nation's fastest drive-thru instead.) Luckily, no one was seriously injured in any of these accidents, according to the brand.

burger king car crash

Burger King

“Leave it to us” followed by “Burger King delivery via DoorDash” is emblazoned on all the photos. The advertisements ran to promote free Burger King DoorDash delivery from November 1 to November 4. Burger King is no stranger to provocative advertising. They’ve debuted ads written by artificial intelligence and even had commercials with super creepy clowns.

burger king car crash

Burger King
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We can’t tell if these ads are hilarious or concerning. Either way, they might go down as one of the most notorious moments in fast-food history.