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Burger King's Terrifying New Promo Puts McDonald's on Blast

We can’t wait for McDonald’s retaliation
Burger King

Burger King is dragging McDonald’s mascot Ronald McDonald in their new super-scary clown video to promote Scary Clown Night.

Burger King’s new promo for their Scary Clown Night is taking a major swing at one famous clown in particular.

The fast-food chain and McDonald’s competitor announced in a spooky video that they will be offering free Whoppers to the first 500 customers dressed as a clown who visit one of the five participating locations on Halloween between the witching hours of 7 p.m. and 3 a.m. 

They released the news in a majorly freaky video featuring a clown who bears an uncanny resemblance to McDonald’s mascot, Ronald McDonald. In their depiction of the flame-haired usually friendly fellow, he follows a teen boy on his bike down the street, pedaling quickly after him on a comically small bike. As he rears his menacing head, the boy takes off into the night only to find more clowns on bikes seemingly surrounding him.

The poor kid tries to hide inside of a Burger King, only to find the darkened fast-food shop to be full of more terrifying clowns. A flash of lightning reveals the faux Ronald, demanding a Whopper. The skin-crawling video closes with the words, “Come as a clown, eat like a king.”


Burger King has been all about clowns lately. A Russian Burger King wanted to ban the movie It because they felt that the main character too closely resembled the McDonald’s mascot. Reportedly Burger King’s Germany locations used the It film to promote their food, ending screenings of the film with a spotlight that read, “The moral is: Never trust a clown.” We haven’t decided if Burger King’s latest clown promotion is a great idea or a social media disaster waiting to happen.