The Best Burrito in Philadelphia is a Goat Burrito

According to our panel of experts, Cantina Los Caballitos serves the fifteenth-best burrito in the nation

Los Caballitos’ festive interior.

The Daily Meal recently published our 2015 edition of America’s 35 Best Burritos, and in order to do this, we supplemented our past research with suggestions from our knowledgeable editors, as well as asking you, our readers, to write in, letting us know where you get your favorite burrito. We then dug through online reviews and best-of lists that were published since our 2014 ranking to make sure we haven’t missed any great new ones.

We divided the more than 130 burritos that made our shortlist by region — from Albany, California, in the West; to Las Cruces, New Mexico, in the Southwest; to Boston in the Northeast. After that, we asked nearly 40 burrito experts — among them the Burrito Eater, Charles Hodgkins, and Justin Bolois of First We Feast— to weigh in and vote. One that’s somewhat unusual — at least, for the US — from Philadelphia snagged a spot, and it caught our eye.

There’s one on every list, amiright? No, but seriously, go sit in Cantina Los Caballitos on East Passyunk Avenue and eat their goat burrito and be happy. A flour tortilla is filled with rice, black beans, onions, cilantro, and braised goat, and the result is really fantastic. In a departure from many of the restaurants on this ranking, Caballitos has a modern, gastropub feel, which should ease the anxieties of those who fear “exotic” meats from hole-in-the-wall secret spots.


Los Caballitos’ goat burrito is so good, it beat out over 100 burritos for the #15 spot on our 2015 list. It was also the only burrito from Philly to make the cut so, according to our panel of experts, it’s the best burrito in the City of Brotherly Love.