We Want to Know: Where Do You Go for Your Favorite Burrito?


Where do you get your favorite burrito?

Arguably one of the most perfect foods ever invented, the burrito is hard to turn down. Its adaptability to a wide variety of palates makes it possibly the most universally loved food. Think about it: Do you know anyone who hates burritos?

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We tackled the task of ranking the country’s 35 best last year, and we’re once again looking to identify the top 35 burritos in the nation. So, we turn to you, The Daily Meal readers, to tell us: Where do you go to satisfy your burrito fix? What about it made you fall in love? The only criteria are that it’s of the traditional Mexican variety (no Korean barbecue fusion found on this list), and it can’t be the egg-filled breakfast kind, either.

So how do we define an amazing burrito? As our Senior Eat/Dine Editor Dan Myers so aptly put it, perfection is “a tidy cylinder of joy tightly wrapped up in aluminum foil, filled to nearly bursting with… your choice of rice; beans; cheese; meats like carnitas, barbacoa, and chicken mole; vegetables; guacamole; crema; and maybe some hot sauce, all the flavors co-mingling to create a flavor bomb that’s customized precisely to your liking.” [slideshow: 4931]

If you happen to consider yourself a burrito aficionado, or know someone who is, send us credentials for a chance to be a part of the panel of Burrito Experts who will vote to decide this year's list.

You can comment on the story below, or send me an email to weigh in with your suggestion(s). Thanks in advance for your advice, and keep enjoying those cylinders of joy, America.


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