10 Monstrous Burgers Around the World

Anywhere they make burgers, they seem to make them as big as possible
giant burger

We tend to think of both burgers and huge foods as being strictly American phenomena, but while we undeniably take the lead with both, there are burgers and oversized things to eat all over the world — including something that combines the two: the truly massive burger.  

10 Monstrous Burgers Around the World (Slideshow)

Burgers are one of the most beloved foods in America, and in recent years truly great burgers have made their way onto restaurant menus in almost every country. Where not so long ago McDonald’s patties were the standard-bearers of international burgers, those thin, gray patties have given way to big, juicy burgers in a major way. And where you’ll find big, juicy burgers, you’ll occasionally also find monstrous ones.


Now, anybody can stack four half-pound patties on top of one another and call it as big burger, those aren’t the burgers we’re talking about here. These burgers are made up of at least one single, enormous patty, and eating a whole one can definitely be considered a feat of strength. Or a feat of something.

Most of these burgers are so huge that if you want to tackle one you’ll have to call ahead so the kitchen team can get the wheels in motion, and as most of them are considered challenges, glorious prizes and (a place on the wall of) fame await those who can eat the whole thing. Some of these burgers are still under the radar, some have been featured on television and are their host town’s claim to fame, but any way you slice it, these are some insanely monstrous burgers, in America and three other places.

Blondies Burgers, Winnipeg, Canada

A local institution in Winnipeg, Blondies serves burgers starting at 1/8 pound and going all the way up to a whopping nine pounds. For $67US, you can either share the burger with friends or attempt to down it all yourself; if you can put it away solo within two hours you get the burger for free, and also get your picture on their wall of fame.

Chubby Ray's, Louisville


This popular Louisville sports bar and pizzeria has been going strong since 1992, with help from an insane burger challenge: The Fat Teddy. Priced at $44.95, this is a five-pound cheeseburger with all the fixins, served with a basket of fries. If you can eat it all, it’s free of charge, but everyone who attempts to conquer this beast will be awarded a t-shirt for their efforts.