5 Ridiculously Delicious Spreads That (Gasp) Aren't Nutella

Bored of bread spreads? Here are 5 worth checking out
Ricotta and Blueberries on Toast


Ricotta, honey, and blueberries are a winning combo. 

Tired of Nutella, peanut butter, and jelly? Join the club! There are only so many things out there to spread on toast — or so you think. Taking some inspiration from cultures around the world as well as some brands you might not have even known existed, here are five ways to get out of the toast doldrums.

Condensed Milk and Butter
In some Asian countries, toast is topped with a thin layer of butter followed by a little condensed milk. It’s a sweet and creamy way to start the day.

Laughing Cow
With the flavor of Swiss, garlic and herb, French onion, asiago, and plenty of other options along with the texture of cream cheese, Laughing Cow is great on its own and also kicks up sandwiches, too.

Marshmallow Fluff
Yes, it’s super-sweet, but marshmallow fluff on toast is just as good as you remember it being. And mixed with peanut butter, it’s nothing short of legendary.

Ricotta or Mascarpone and Honey
There’s something about the combination of honey and soft Italian spreadable cheeses like ricotta and mascarpone that’s irresistible. Top with fruit, and for an extra kick, mix in a small amount of vanilla extract or some chopped thyme.


Vegemite or Marmite
Yes, it’s salty, but give it another shot. Made from yeast extract, Vegemite and Marmite are loaded with umami, and are a great change of pace from the usual sweet toast spreads. Get a piece of toast nice and buttery and spread a super-thin layer of Vegemite on top; it’s an acquired taste, but we bet you’ll be hooked in no time.