Every Butter: 9 Spreads That Aren't Peanut

You’ll go nuts for these butters

There are so many other options to pair with your bread and jelly.

If there was ever an underutilized food, it’s nut butter. Not the stuff from Jif, or that 10-ingredient creamy stuff you get in a plastic jar for two dollars — the real good stuff. Sometimes peanut, sometimes not. Sometimes chunky, sometimes creamy. Sometimes salty, sometimes sweet. The nut butter possibilities are truly endless. But people cut themselves off from the myriad of flavor possibilities when they only stick to the peanut.

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Nut butters are also super-healthy for you. Peanut butter contains protein, healthy fats, and so many nutrients — so even though it’s high-calorie, it’s nutrient-dense. Eating 190 calories of peanut (or any other nut) butter is much different for your body than eating a 190-calorie cookie. Nut butters should be a part of every healthy person’s diet.

People often ask how they’re supposed to use a jar of nut butter — aside from digging right in with a spoon (which, admittedly, can really complicate portion control). After all, eating just one spoonful of anything never felt entirely satisfying.


I personally go through jars of nut butters at an alarming pace, and I never eat a single spoonful on its own. Instead, I spoon the spread over a cozy bowl of oatmeal, bake scrumptious healthy cookies with it, or smooth it over a crispy slice of toast with fruit and yogurt. Sometimes I eat it with ice cream, sometimes I mix it with yogurt, and other times I use it as a dip for some strawberries or a banana. Like I said, the possibilities are truly endless. I’m never bored. And with so many other nut butter flavors and blends to try, I never will be.