20 Lessons We Learned About Food in 2017

Listen up! School is in session

The Daily Meal editors learned a ton of lessons about food during 2017, and we have compiled them all here in this slideshow to share with you.

We learned many food-related lessons in 2017 at The Daily Meal. It’s pretty hard not to absorb at least some sort of knowledge working on a food-centric website and being inundated with news and ideas about ingredients, chefs, and kitchen culture. Some of our staff received their lessons through consuming food, some through cooking it, and many through crazy research on everything from techniques (like the right way to carve a turkey) to weird food science (like the fact that figs are full of dead wasps).

Click here for the 20 Lessons We Learned About Food in 2017 slideshow.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to educate yourself on the things we have learned this year through experience and exposure. Once you’ve learned that there is such a thing as eating too many vegetables, maybe you will add some carbs to your plate. You might even rethink posting that tasty dish to social media, because to some people it might sound disgusting!

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Learn from our editors before the year is over and live your best 2018 life with all the cool food info you will absorb by reading the 20 lessons we learned about food in 2017.