13 Things You Should Never Do In Your Office Kitchen

At first glance, the modern American office doesn't appear to be too difficult to navigate. You show up in the morning, do your work, eat something, do some more work, and go home at night. But there are dozens of unspoken rules that we all have to abide by, and if we fail to follow just one of them, people will notice, and it won't be good.

13 Things You Should Never Do in Your Office Kitchen (Slideshow)

Take personal hygiene, for example. Who on earth thinks that it's acceptable to clip their fingernails at their desk? It's completely obnoxious, but we've all worked with that one person who believes there's nothing wrong with getting little fingernail fragments all over the place. We also suggest you bathe and wash your clothes often enough so that you don't smell. This isn't rocket science, folks.

Thankfully, most of the rules of office decorum are common sense, especially when it comes to the office kitchen. This little room can be the scene of so many crimes against humanity, and every single one of them is completely avoidable. Essentially, it all boils down to the Hippocratic Oath: Do no harm. Leave it the way you found it, don't assault anyone's senses, and don't treat it like your personal kitchen or living room.

For some reason, though, this seems to be difficult for some of us to process; we've all had coworkers who are simply incapable of having common courtesy in this regard. (As George Costanza put it, "We're living in a society!") In short, if you're doing any of these things in the office kitchen with any regularity, stop it. Now.