What is the Best Time to Brush Your Teeth?

Keep your chompers in check with this solid advice
Teeth Brushing Tips

Help your teeth chew through bacteria with these helpful tips.

Everyone knows that taking care of your teeth is vital to your health. But are you doing it right? Sure, you could be brushing twice a day, but are you doing it for the right amount of time and at the right time? Chances are, you could just be going through the motions. To help keep your teeth in tip-top shape for chewing delicious food, we pulled together some essential tooth tips you and your pearly whites should live by.

Don’t Waste Time

Teeth need to be brushed for two solid minutes, twice a day. Try dividing brush times between sections by 30 seconds per section of your mouth.

If You Can Only Brush Once, Do it At Night

Saliva acts as an antibacterial agent during the day, but when your mouth produces less saliva at night, cavity-causing bacteria can thrive in your mouth.

Don’t Brush After Every Meal


In fact, in the morning you should either brush your teeth before breakfast or 30 minutes after breakfast, since you don’t want to brush while your enamel is weak from acidic foods. Also, don’t over-brush, as too much brushing can weaken your teeth’s natural enamel, and once it is gone, you can’t get it back!