15 Foods That Shouldn't Taste Like Bacon, But Do

Why can’t the only thing that tastes like bacon be bacon?

15 Things That Really Shouldn’t Taste Like Bacon, But Do

If one food gets more attention than any other, it has to be bacon (even to the point where many would argue that it's played out). For one reason or another, cured, smoked pork belly is one of the most beloved foods in existence, most likely because it’s also one of the most delicious foods in existence. That salty, porky, smoky flavor is instantly recognizable and just the mere mention of it is enough to get mouths watering. Food companies around the world have tried to replicate its flavor more than just about any other savory food and are adding it to even the most mundane food and drink products. We’ve tracked down 15 of the crazier ones, and some are really head-scratching.

Bacon Salt

This is the product that helped launched the fad in 2007: flavored salt crystals that "make everything taste like bacon." Our advice: skip the bacon salt and use smoked salt instead

Bacon Mints

These apparently taste like a combination of mint and bacon, which according to the manufacturer is "a match made in heaven." We’ll be sticking with Altoids. 

Bacon Lollipops

Real maple syrup candy flecked with bacon? Sign us up. 

Bacon Jelly Beans

Jelly Bellies these aren't, but for a quick bacon fix you can do a lot worse.  

Bacon Toothpaste

"It's the perfect way to keep your teeth and gums healthy while coating your mouth with the delicious flavor of smoky meat!" the website claims. We’ll take their word for it

Maple Bacon Coffee

We’re not quite sure how they get the flavors of maple syrup and bacon into their coffee beans, but this is a major advancement in coffee technology

Bacon Lip Balm

The hardest part of owning a stick of bacon lip balm? Not eating it. 


We’re not gonna lie: this has to be one of the most brilliant sandwich-toppers ever invented. 


The world of flavored vodka just keeps on getting crazier and crazier, so of course Bakon Vodka exists. This would go great with a Bloody Mary… but not much else. 

Bacon Chocolate

Vosges is quite a reputable chocolate company, but it’s really outdone itself with this one. Real bacon is crumbled and incorporated into a slew of chocolate products. Chocolate-covered meat never tasted quite so good. 


Mama Walker’s Maple Bacon Liqueur is one of those products that really has no reason for existing, but we’re glad it does because it’s absolutely ludicrous. If you can figure out a cocktail that it actually tastes good in, please let us know. 

Massage Oil

You know a product is ridiculous when it starts as an April Fool’s joke. But that’s exactly what happened to J&D Foods when they teased this product: The clamor for it was so intense that the company actually went and made the stuff!


Licking an envelope to seal it should not be a gastronomic experience. But if they can make envelope glue taste like bacon, maybe they can also make it taste like snozzberries


Meat-flavored soda may not sound tasty by itself, but think how well this probably mixes with bourbon!

Cotton Candy

Giving the term “meat floss” a whole new definition