Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts Are Finally Here

Limited-edition flavor features a maple and bacon filling, topped with bacon-flavored bits

Other new pop tart flavors include Chocolatey Caramel and Frosted Watermelon.

The wait is over for Pop-Tart fans who want a taste of the sweet, salty goodness that is Pop-Tarts’ new Maple Bacon flavor. This limited-edition offering features a regular Pop-Tarts pastry shell with a maple and bacon filling, according to Brand Eating. It is finished with a white frosting and sprinkled with crunchy bacon-flavored bits. On its website, Pop-Tarts says, “These magical Pop-Tarts® taste like breakfast made on the griddle.”

Other new Pop-Tarts flavors include Chocolatey Caramel and Frosted Watermelon. Chocolatey Caramel features a chocolate crust and is filled with caramel. It is topped with chocolate and caramel icing, and is a permanent addition to the line of Pop-Tarts flavors. Frosted Watermelon is another limited-edition offering, featuring a plain pastry shell with a watermelon-flavored filling. It is topped with pink and light green icing.


Delish reports two additional Pop-Tarts launches for 2016: Frosted Spring Strawberry and Pink Lemonade.