9 Crazy Flavored Lip Balms

Look what happens when the food industry infiltrates the beauty industry

Would you try any of these weird lip balms?

Let’s talk about what it meant to be a 10-year-old girl in the ‘90s for a minute. We ate Dunkaroos during recess. We doodled “Mrs. Timberlake” onto our copy books. We ran around our backyards with our Talkgirls  and Skydancers and played with our Pogs. We also were obsessed with lip balms.

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You sort of weren’t cool unless you had a fanny pack full of these things. Whether they came in key chain form or with a corded necklace cap, these little tubes brought us an immeasurable amount of joy. From the cherry flavored Smackers to the coveted Dr. Pepper flavor, we slathered our lips in flavored balms that really tickled our taste buds. Since then, our lip balm tastes have evolved. We seek out refreshing flavors like cool peppermint or vanilla. After all, people actually find our lips kissable now!

While your lip balm palette may have graduated to more refined flavors, there are some people who are just simply not interested in growing up. Ever yearn for the taste of pizza to constantly be present? There is a balm for that. Love french fries and can’t bear to be without their deliciousness? There is a balm for that too. We poked around discovered that the simple flavors of our youth have suspiciously evolved into insane flavors you’d never think to constantly have on your lips. Check out the flavors we discovered in our slideshow!


Pizza is delicious. We can’t argue that. But do we really need the taste of roasted garlic, marinara sauce, and cheese lingering on our lips? This company even admits it sounds gross!

Chunky Monkey


You really can’t go wrong when it comes to slathering banana flavored anything onto your lips