15 Things You Didn't Know About Cinnabon Slideshow

No trip to the mall or airport is complete without a visit to that shrine to the noble cinnamon bun: Cinnabon. But even if you start salivating just at the mention of it, we also guarantee that there are a whole lot of things you don't know about this chain.

It’s Owned by the Folks Who Own Carvel

In 2004, Cinnabon was acquired by affiliates of an Atlanta-based private equity firm called Roark Capital Group; in that year Cinnabon (along with Carvel, Seattle's Best, and Moe's) were spun off to create their own affiliated company, called FOCUS Brands.

The COO Got the Job at Age 33

Kat Cole got her start as a server at a fast-casual chain and worked her way all the way up the ladder to become the company's president and COO before turning 35. Now 39, she's overseen major growth for the company.

The Cinnabon Classic Contains 890 Calories

It also contains 36 grams of fat (including 17 grams of saturated fat), 20 milligrams of cholesterol, and 59 grams of sugar. You might want to share yours.

The Recipe Was Finalized by a Woman Who Dubs Herself “The CinnaMom”

Jerilyn Brusseau ran a bakery near Seattle that specialized in cinnamon rolls, and she was approached by Komen to help perfect the recipe. She spent several months with them in the test kitchen trying out hundreds of formulas.

The First One to Open Outside of a Mall Opened in an Airport, Naturally

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, to be exact.

They Bake for 14 Minutes

The standard cinnamon roll recipe requires a bake time of around 27 minutes, and much of Cinnabon's recipe testing revolved around cutting that time down as much as possible.

They Use Makara Cinnamon From Indonesia

The founders spent months tracking down the perfect cinnamon; it's also the one used for Pillsbury Grands and Cinnamon Toaster Strudels. You can actually buy packets of it at some Cinnabon stores.

Cupcakes Were Added to the Menu in 2000, but Discontinued

Hey, they can't all be winners. Remember PizzaBons?

There’s Cinnabon Vodka

In 2013, Cinnabon teamed up with Pinnacle Vodka to introduce Cinnabon Vodka. We'll let you know when we find a suitable mixer for it. Hot chocolate maybe?

They Were the First Chain to Open in Libya After Gaddafi’s Ouster

A two-level Cinnabon opened in Tripoli in July 2012, and several more have opened in the country since.

The Caramel Pecanbon Has Even More Calories Than the Classic

The Caramel Pecanbon is the chain's unhealthiest offering by far, packing 1,080 calories, 50 grams of fat, 20 grams of saturated fat, and 76 grams of sugar — nearly double the amount in a can of Coke.

Operators Have Three Options for Preparing the Rolls

Should you decide to open a franchise, you'll be presented with three options: The rolls can be shipped to you "FTO," or freezer-to-oven, where all you have to do is bake them; as prepared dough, where dough is thawed and made into rolls on-location; or from scratch, where you're sent a proprietary mixture of dry ingredients which you mix with flour, margarine, yeast, and other ingredients. If the rolls are made on-site, customers will be able to see (and smell) the process happening in full view.

They Have a Huge Cairo Location

There are Cinnabon locations all over the world, including in Pakistan, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Curaçao, and Romania. The largest location outside of the United States and Canada is located in the Stars Centre in Cairo, Egypt.

The Busiest Cinnabon Is in Las Vegas

It's inside the Las Vegas airport, of course.

There Are No Manhattan Locations

The last Cinnabon in Manhattan, which was located in Penn Station, closed in June 2015, and a Times Square location scheduled to open last year never materialized. If New Yorkers want to satisfy their cravings, they have to travel to malls in Queens, Brooklyn, or the Bronx.