What We’re Loving: Carvel Halloween Cakes

For a 'ghastly' treat, order one of these Halloween-themed cakes

Check out these tasty Halloween ice-SCREAM treats.

When it comes to Halloween, we cannot get enough of the adorable themed treats that come out of the holiday. These cute little sweets aren’t made just for your Halloween party; you can also use them to celebrate before (or even after) trick-or-treating festivities begin. While we always encourage you to make your own fun treats for the holiday, we couldn’t resist sharing this adorable Halloween find!

Carvel, the popular ice cream company known for its fresh soft-serve and novelty cakes, has just launched a new line of delicious iceSCREAM cakes that are perfect for pre- or post-trick-or-treating celebrations!

The scary green witch face is made from whipped frosting, with two layers of fresh ice cream separated by a layer of chocolate crunchies. Your little ones will also love the chocolate-and-vanilla layered pumpkin cake and the Ice Screamer, a take-home novelty treat decorated as a ghost.

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Who says ice cream is just for the summer? These adorable little "screamers" will absolutely liven up any Halloween celebration!