Duck Truck Spontaneously Combusts on Highway

A truck full of thousands of live ducks burst into flames and roasted nearly all of them
White ducks

Wikimedia/Suzanne Nilsson

A truck full of thousands of live ducks spontaneously combusted on a highway in China. 

A shipping truck loaded with thousands of ducks destined for the roaster never made it to its destination this week, because it mysteriously and spontaneously combusted in the middle of the highway, and nearly all its cargo was lost.

According to Shanghaiist, two drivers were responsible for the truck, which was loaded with 2,000 live ducks on a Guangzhou highway in China. Nothing seemed amiss until one of the drivers thought he smelled smoke, and when he looked back he saw that the entire truck was on fire.

"Then, all of a sudden, the flames just jumped up, we had no time to try and extinguish them, all we could do was run for our lives,” one of the drivers said.

Both drivers were able to escape, but it was too late to rescue the ducks, because the entire truck had been engulfed in flames.

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It is still unclear what exactly happened or why the truck caught fire, but the drivers say the lost truck and ducks were worth about $47,000. Approximately 30 ducks survived the conflagration, but whether that is a permanent reprieve remains to be seen.