Truck Mishap Spills Thousands of Eggs All Over the Road

A truck driver misjudged a corner and spilled raw eggs everywhere
Eggs in basket

Wikimedia/Rod Waddington

An egg truk spill in China turned a whole road into a giant omelette.

You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, but one delivery driver failed to find an positive side to the situation after he misjudged a curve and send thousands of raw eggs rolling over the road in China this weekend.

According to Shanghaiist, the driver was delivering dozens of crates of fresh eggs in Shandong when he turned a corner too closely and all the crates slid off and smashed on the road. Thousands of eggs shattered and turned the whole street into a goopy, soupy mess.

Passersby took pity on the hapless driver, however, and helped sort through the mess to pick out any eggs that had managed to survive the fall in one piece. Some helpers even bought the eggs from him.

Even with all the help cleaning up the mess and picking out any salvageable product, the accident is estimated to have been worth about 10,000 yuan, or over $1,500 in damages.