Crab Spill Cleaned Up by Hungry Bystanders

When a truck spilled its cargo, passersby were ready with buckets
Wikimedia/Micha L. Rieser

A spilled load of live crabs was picked up within five minutes by hungry bystanders.

A truck accident became an all-you-can-eat free-for-all this week when a vehicle spilled a load of live crabs in the street, and passersby made off with all of them.

According to Rocket News 24, when a truck full of seafood in Changsha, China, collided with another car, the back popped open and a container full of crabs started spilling out. Seeing the crabs running for freedom, other motorists and bystanders jumped into the fray to start grabbing crabs for themselves. It quickly became a big scene, with people throwing crabs into sacks and bags. One man even hauled over a big blue drum and started filling it with all the crabs he could grab.

While the people were shoving each other over the crabs, nobody seemed particularly surprised or disturbed when a crocodile on the truck made its own bid for freedom.


The crocodile was eventually recaptured with a net, but the crab-snatchers were hugely effective. The scene was reportedly completely bereft of crabs within five minutes of the accident. Anyone who happens to have come into some crabs this week should check out our best crab recipes for some tasty ways to dispose of the evidence.