When to Drink What Tea and Why

Ever wondered when you should be drinking what tea?
Healing Tea With Holli Thompson

Cookbook author Holli Thompson makes a soothing tea with tumeric and ginger.


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This is your 24-hour tea breakdown.

We all experience moments throughout the day where we need a little pick-me-up. Whether it be a morning wake-up call or some pre-gym motivation, a cup of tea has the ability to exemplify any experience.

When to Drink What Tea and Why (Slideshow)

No matter what mood you’re in or what you’re doing, there’s always room for tea. The health benefits that come with drinking tea can wake us up, influence our performance, burn fat during a meal, and put us to sleep. Thanks to the wide variety of teas on the market, there’s a type of tea for everything.

Next time you head to your local supermarket to buy tea, take note of which herbs are included in your favorite blend. Each herb will benefits your body in a different way. After doing so, you’ll have the ability to plan your day with a cup in hand every hour.

Sound like a lot of work? Don’t worry, we’ve already done it for you. Take a look at our suggestions on when to drink what tea and why.

Before The Gym: Fennel Tea

Fennel Tea

Get in gear before the gym.

Sometimes, forcing ourselves to go to the gym can be a mental battle. Luckily, the volatile oils in Fennel are often used to balance mood swings, allowing them to stabilize your train of thought and prevent your pre-gym mental struggle. Balance your body and get going with a cup of fennel tea. In general, this tea will help get your thoughts in order, helping you think more clearly.

Once You Get to Work: Ginseng Tea

Ginseng Tea

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Get focused with this tea.


Ginseng is a root grown mainly in Asia and North America. For over 2,000 years, the ginsensides and saponins in this herb have been used to increase focus and concentration. Chug a cup of Ginseng tea once your work day begins, and get focused.