Yes, This Tea WILL Help You Lose Weight

This tea goes above and beyond your average cup of green
Oolong Tea


Oolong tea isn’t new to the world of weight loss.

Hibiscus, Star Anise, White tea, and Peppermint — there are tons of teas out there that are proven to help with weight loss. Each of these tea types has its own unique traits that aid weight loss, but there’s one kind that’s been under our noses all along. That’s right, the best type of tea for weight-loss has been around for hundreds of years. Can you guess which one it is?

Oolong tea was one of the first tribute teas known to man. Given to the emperor or royal family of China over 1,000 years ago, this tea dates back to way before your beloved Starbucks and Tazo Tea infusions came to be. This stuff goes back to the Qing Dynasty in the 1600’s — when tea farmers would pick each herb by hand.

Wondering how this funky tea got its name? It actually happened by accident, when a tea farmer in Fujan got distracted by a deer. Once he returned to his herb picking duties, he noticed that the simmering of the herb had left off a sweet and pleasing aroma. His nickname was Oolong — and with that, Oolong tea was born.

So, what in the world does Oolong offer in regards to weight loss? Well, Oolong tea contains both caffeine and theophylline — two components that work marvelously together for weight loss. When they work as a team, they boost your metabolism, which helps burn fat quicker. Oolong tea also contains polyphenols — abundant micronutrients that have the ability to block enzymes that build fat. That’s three fat-burning qualities in one type of tea, what could be better?


The accompanying slideshow is provided by Jess Novak.