10 Healthy Drinks to Start Your Day

Great recipes for folks who prefer their breakfast in a to-go cup

I know more than a few people who will roll their eyes at me for saying this, but here goes: I am not a big fan of eating breakfast in the morning.

Spare me the "But it's the most important meal of the day!" lectures. Believe me, I know. Eating a healthy breakfast can help reduce hunger later on in the day, influence you to make healthier choices in other meals, give you more energy throughout the day, and even assist with weight management. Yet, despite having been armed with this knowledge, my daily childhood routine of drinking a glass of chocolate milk for breakfast turned into a Iced Grande Something a day habit as an adult. (OK, more like two a day now that I have the Starbucks secret menu to explore.)

The convenience of being able to pick up a quick coffee on-the-go is an easy excuse, but really, there are plenty of good, healthy drinks you can make ahead or in the morning and take with you on the way into work. Things like filling, healthful smoothies, vitamin-rich herbal teas, and fresh fruit juices (that you know are made with 100-percent juice).

Ready for a little recipe inspiration to kick your bad breakfast drink habit?

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