Whatever You Do, Don’t Add These 3 Things to Your Coffee

There’s ways to enjoy coffee without so much guilt

Shutterstock/ Timmary

Skim milk isn’t the best option.

If you take your coffee black, it says a lot about you. Sipping on straight coffee is an acquired taste, and only some can handle it. Nonetheless, everyone loves the overall feeling coffee provides, and many will do whatever it takes to make its bitter taste a little more manageable.

Thanks to things like milk, creamers, and sugar, people of all kinds have the ability to enjoy their cup of Joe however they’d like. But just because these ingredients are at our disposal doesn’t mean we should be indulging in them as often as we do. In fact, there are many things we shouldn’t be adding to our coffee at all.

Looking to break your worst coffee habits and start from scratch? Here are three things you should never add to your coffee.


Indeed, some creamers are better than others. Regardless, adding cream to your coffee is doing nothing but pouring in unnecessary fats and sugars, causing your daily calorie count to skyrocket. We recently did a breakdown of the best and worst creamers on the market, and Nestlé Extra Sweet and Creamy creamer included 40 calories, 2 grams of fat, and 6 grams of sugar per tablespoon. Ouch.

Skim Milk

Contrary to what most believe, skim milk is not the healthiest dairy product you can add to your morning cup. We’ve actually gone as far to say that you should completely avoid it, and surgical oncologist Dmitri Alden couldn’t agree more. “Whole milk, in my opinion, is healthier than skim,” says Alden. “The reasons behind this are related to fat and sugar content. Skim milk retains all the sugar, 12.3 grams per cup, and beverages with high sugar content are known to contribute to obesity.” High sugar intake may also cause a fast rise in blood sugar, which can quicken insulin secretion.


Sugar has been said to cause a wide range of health problems throughout the U.S., so why add it to anything? We don’t suggest adding sugar to your coffee, but in general, extra sugar is never a good idea.