This Is What Your Coffee Order Says About You

If you can take your coffee black, that says something

Shutterstock/ Arigato

Here’s what your barista is thinking after you order.

How do you take your coffee? This may seem like a simple question, but the answer has more meaning behind it than you realize.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The main reason may be because of the taste, but everyone takes their coffee differently. This gives it the ability to be enjoyed by all sorts of people, resulting in different orders gaining their own reputation. Long story short: There’s a lot of things your coffee order says about you.

Take your coffee black? Your barista might be scared of you. Fluff it up with toppings and whipped cream? Starbucks gold members are thinking you’re a rookie.

Here’s what your coffee order says about you.

Black or With Nothing Added

You don’t mess around. The reason people add cream or sugar to their coffee is because they can’t handle its dark, strong, and bitter taste. Because of this, black coffee has obtained a stereotype that it’s consumed by fast-paced people in the work force, looking for their next caffeine fix. So, who’s the stereotypical drinker of a black coffee? The New Yorker.


The latte drinker falls somewhere between the serious coffee drinkers and the amateur. They have the ability to enjoy a drink that tastes like coffee or actually resembles something like it, but, they still need a little milk added to take the edge off. Latte drinkers know their balance, but that comes with a price. There’s a reason they’re called a latte: They cost a latte. (Too much?)

Mocha, Frappe, or Other Dessert Drinks

One word: amateur. This drink order is the polar opposite of a black coffee, giving it the opposite stereotype. If you walk into a Starbucks and order a Carmel Mocha with extra caramel, you might as well take a trip down the street to your local diner and order a milkshake. Take a moment, think about your order, and answer this question: Does it resemble a milkshake in any way, shape, or form? In the answer is yes, stick to the dessert menu.