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Why You're Kidding Yourself If You Think Adding Skim Milk to Your Coffee Is Actually Healthy

You might as well drink whole milk

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Sadly, skim milk isn’t a healthy alternative.

It’s no secret that a few items on the Starbucks menu are packed with more calories and sugar than we realize. If you’re in the mood for a chai tea latte or a mocha topped with whipped cream, we hope that calorie counting isn’t your thing.

A great way to avoid any added sugar or calorie intake while still getting your daily dose of caffeine is to just order coffee. That’s right — an old-fashioned, plain, good old cup of coffee.

If you’re not huge on the taste of black coffee, any form of milk will make it easier to sip on. Because of its name, skim milk is often thought of as the healthiest version of the wide range of milk we have to choose from. Not to burst your bubble, but skim milk is not the healthiest option out there.

As a matter of fact, skim milk is so unhealthy that some believe you may be better off drinking whole milk. Even though everyone seems to avoid it, doctors have claimed that whole milk is a better option.

“Whole milk, in my opinion, is healthier than skim,” says surgical oncologist Dr. Dmitri Alden. “The reasons behind this are related to fat and sugar content. Skim milk retains all the sugar, 12.3 grams per cup, and beverages with high sugar content are known to contribute to obesity.” High sugar intake may also cause a fast rise in blood sugar, which can quicken insulin secretion. So there’s a reason that skim milk isn’t the best option, but why may whole milk be better?

“The fat in milk will slow down your digestion, which will help to keep you full,” says Deborah Enos, certified nutritionist and board member of the American Heart Association. “The fat in the milk slows any potential rise in blood sugar.”

There you have it, folks. Skim milk won’t keep you full, and it may even raise your blood pressure. Next time you head to your local coffee shop to order a cup of coffee, you may want to reconsider what you’re adding to it.