These Are the Most Popular Cocktails in Every State

What’s the most popular cocktail in your state?

You already know what the best sandwich is in every state, and the best Mexican restaurant, Chinese restaurant, and the best place to get cupcakes.

Heck, you already know the best bar to go to whether you’re in New York or Oklahoma. Now thanks to Versus Reviews and Google search interest data, you can order like a local with the most popular cocktail in every state.

Although many states love their mojitos and mai tais, Long Island iced teas and whiskey sours ranked the most popular cocktails overall. States like Connecticut, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania came up with Long Island iced teas as their No. 1 search term, with Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming showing some major love on Google for whiskey sours. Tasty ginger-flavored Moscow mules followed close behind at No. 2 for the most popular overall.

The South is big on mint juleps, as the minty beverage swiped the No. 1 spot in both Kentucky and Alabama. Things do get a little blended towards the Gulf of Mexico — in Louisiana the favorite is daiquiris.

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Mimosas, tequila sunrises, and Bloody Marys, are the most popular drinks in Alaska, Arizona, California, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Tennessee. All of these drinks pair perfectly with eggs and hash browns, which leads us to believe that these states brunch hard.


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