Break Out Your Shakers For an Old Camp Whiskey Sour

We’re bringing back one of our favorite cocktails for your next happy hour

Old Camp Sour

National Whiskey Sour Day is here so perhaps it’s time to resurrect this classic cocktail. Instead of using your old standby, rethink your grandparents’ favorite drink with a modern whiskey. We opt for Old Camp Whiskey, a peach-pecan whiskey, and this Old Camp Harvest Sour recipe isn’t one to pass up.

This whiskey is the first for country music duo group Florida Georgia Line, and this Southern-style sour cocktail incorporates elements of the traditional whiskey sour with its peachy flavor.

Find Old Camp in Nashville at FGL House (obviously, the band’s namesake bar), Tin Roof, A.J.’s Good Time Bar, The Stage and Rebar. Hit up a local happy hour or better yet, host one!


Get the recipe here.