You've Been Drinking Daiquiris All Wrong

Here's the problem with daiquiris: you've been drinking them wrong. That's right, if you've been imbibing on frozen daiquiris made with limeade, concentrated sweeteners, and mixers, you're drinking a frozen mix of well, sugar. (Not that we don't love our frozen cocktails.) 

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But in honor of National Daiquiri Day July 19, we're finding that the true daiquiri, the way it was intended to be consumed, is a cocktail that stands up to the likes of the other classic cocktails we love. The Cuban cocktail first came ashore to the U.S. in the late 19th century, but wasn't made popular until World War II, when European liquor exports became harder to find and domestic distilleries became reliant on Carribean rum, says Slate. And eventually, bartenders began adding crushed ice and much, much more sugar than intended, turning it into the TGI Fridays-esque cocktail we know it as today. 

Still, the original recipe is as refreshing as any other rum cocktail you're drinking this summer. With just a hint of lime and sugar, a daiquiri is a classic, simple cocktial for a reason. That doesn't mean you can't try other variations of the daiquiri, though — just hold the frozen concentrate. Add your liqueurs, fruits, and even some flashy infused simple syrups, and you've got your heat wave drink in hand. 

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