Meet the AlcoMate Revo, the Finest Commercial Breathalyzer on the Market

Admit it: At some point you’ve wondered what your blood alcohol content was
Alcomate Revo


The device is very easy to use. 

We tend to think of breathalyzers as the domain of law enforcement, hospitals, and McDonald's, but there are actually a handful of them currently on the consumer market, including a watch and one that syncs up to your smartphone. But the highest-quality commercial breathalyzer on the market has just been released, and it’s actually quite a pretty cool piece of technology.

Called the AlcoMate Revo, it’s easy to set up and use, and comes with plenty of disposable mouthpieces, as well as a separate fuel-cell alcohol sensor module that’s been pre-calibrated and only needs to be replaced every 1,000 tests. It can detect anything from 0.000 all the way up to 4.000 BAC (a level we hope you never achieve), and it’s been lauded for its accuracy.

It’s actually really interesting to have a breathalyzer just for yourself. You can easily test what your own blood alcohol content is after a couple drinks to see what your own personal limits are, and though we don’t advise driving after you’ve had anything at all to drink, it’s a foolproof way to know if you’ve gone past the legal limit. It’s also great for parties; not just as a cool contraption to pass around, but to make sure that no one’s had too much to drink before getting behind the wheel.

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