McDonald’s to Start Using Breathalyzer Tests to Keep Out Drunks

A UK McDonald’s is taking steps to keep drunks out of its restaurant

A U.K. McDonald's says it is going to start using tests to keep drunk patrons out of the restaurant. 

McDonald’s provides some of the world’s favorite drunk foods, but one U.K. restaurant is doing its best to keep inebriated customers from getting nuggets and will actually be rolling out a breathalyzer in an attempt to keep drunk patrons out.

According to The Mirror, a McDonald’s in Cambridge is open 24 hours on weekends, but will no longer be a respite for late-night pub-crawlers, as the location is preparing to test patrons for inebriation. Anybody who is shown to have a blood alcohol level of twice the legal limit will be refused access to Big Macs and McNuggets. The alcohol-testing kits will also identify patrons who want to have alcohol with their food and bring in soda bottles spiked with liquor.

The effort is allegedly part of a push to combat excessive drinking, but students at the nearby university do not seem to be particularly thrilled by the news.


“This new measure is a flagrant and horrific violation of our human rights,” said Cambridge University freshman Declan Amphlett. “We’ll have to resort to smuggling sandwiches into clubs like a really primary school version of the drugs trade.”