Breathalyzer Watch Tests Blood Alcohol Level

The clock is ticking: how drunk are you?

Breathalyzer Watch

Move over, breathalyzer apps: Tokyoflash Japan has released the Kisai Intoxicated watch, a watch that can read blood alcohol content and tells the wearer “how drunk they are.”

In order to test his level of tipsiness, the watch owner blows into a built-in sensor for five seconds. The screen of the watch changes colors according to the amount of alcohol detected. “Sober,” is indicated by green, “tipsy,” by yellow, and red, a level higher than 0.61%, denotes “drunk.”

A game that checks your reaction time is also a feature on the Kisai Intoxicated watch; to play, you must stop a moving vertical bar in the middle of the screen to show your sobriety.


Following in the steps of the Breathometer, a breathalyzer that can be plugged into a mobile phone, and the BACtrack breathalyzer app, the Kisai Intoxicated watch has room to be critiqued for encouraging drinking games. Tokyoflash even claims that the watch “is just for fun and is more of a 'party trick' than a scientific test.” So the question is: will the watch discourage binge drinking, or just encourage those to test their alcohol limits?